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Friday, April 22, 2011

New cover: Fire of the Four Seasons

Just received the cover for Fire of the Four Seasons, and I love it. It is a Menage Amour m/m/m/m/m, the twisted fairytale I was talking about a few months back. Without further ado, here is the prettiness.

Tentative blurb:


 A slave of his sister, Eva’s whims, Alexei is shocked when, in the process of getting her a gift, he meets four men who sweep him of his feet. Zimah, Visnah, Lyetah and Ohsyn are unlike anyone Alexei has ever met. They control the power of the seasons, and agree to help Alexei. Their affection and generosity soon morphs into passion and love, and Alexei allows himself to surrender to desires he had kept hidden for many years.

But when Eva’s unreasonable requests continue, Alexei refuses to take advantage of his men’s magic once again. His decision sets him, his sister and his lovers on a course of events that leads secrets of the past to be revealed. The hidden fire inside Alexei is about to burst out, and the love of the fourseasons may not be able to extinguish it.

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