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I am first and foremost, a story teller. My passions are M/M fiction and fantasy, and I combine these two things in my work. Among other things, in my books you will find men in love (with each other), vampires, demons, angels and shapeshifters.

Saturday, November 23, 2013

A Tail Like No Other series

A Tail Like No Other is a fantasy series of twisted fairytales. The series stars familiar characters such as Vlad Dracula, Rapunzel and Sleeping Beauty, all put together in my own version of their story, in the alternative world of Avalon.
The series is complete and its structure is as follows:
1. My Mate's A Dragon Slayer?
2. Pixie of Frankenstein
3. The Frog Prince's Hair-Raising Predicament
4. Undead Have Bunnies Too
5. Briar Rose and His Not-So-Charming Prince
6. Little Red and the Big Black Panther
7. Prince Snow and His Snow King

Published by Siren Publishing
Date of publication: 12.10.2013
Word count: 44.415 words

Have you ever read one of those stories where fire-breathing dragons sweeps down from the sky, torches villages, and eats unsuspecting villagers? This isn’t one of them. This is the real thing, and I’m a real dragon. My name’s Dineiro, but you can call me Dini. All my friends do.
Confused? I can definitely empathize. Imagine this. One day, while out with my friends, I run into the legendary Rainbow Brick Road, which leads me straight to my mate, Prince Kirril of Arthuria. Sadly, he is human, and a dragon slayer. And no, we don’t just rush to each other and embrace like I might have imagined once or twice. Instead, he shoots me with a crossbow.
We’re so different, but against all odds, a true connection forms between us. Of course, the path of fate is fickle. If the two of us want to be together, we have a long road ahead. This is, after all, the first chapter in our tale.

Published by Siren Publishing
Date of publication: 26.10.2013
Word count: 42.197 words

What do you do when your mate is a shape-shifting feline? Well, I don’t know about you, but I emanate extra pixie dust. That’s what I did when I first met Victor Frankenstein. Of course, back then I thought he was going to eat me, but that’s beside the point.
Currently, I’m looking forward to him eating me – in an entirely different way. Alas, I’ve always been somewhat small – I’m a pixie, damn it, don’t laugh. Therefore, he’s ten times my size. Worse, my poor mate is under a curse from an evil witch.
To complete our bond, we have to embark on a quest to defeat her and make me human-sized. I suppose it could be worse. He could be changing into a slug, not a cat. At the very least, his fur makes for nice bedding.
What? Don’t glare at me. I have my priorities in order. I will succeed. After all, I am Larue, pixie of Frankenstein.

Published by Siren Publishing
Date of publication: 9.11.2013
Word count: 45.903 words
People think that waiting in your tower for a dashing prince to rescue you is romantic. Believe me, that’s overrated. I should know. My name is Rapunzel Stiltskin, and for years my father kept me locked in a tower. And then my path unexpectedly crossed that of Arthurian prince Medwin.
Medwin is my perfect match. He understands me, and he doesn’t freak out when my obscenely long tresses trip him or knock over various items. He also does things to my body that make me ask questions I almost don’t dare to answer.
Am I a maiden? That’s what my father claimed, but if that’s the case, I’m not a very maidenly one. Medwin doesn’t think I’m female at all, and I believe him, especially when my libido responds to him in such a distinctively male—ahem—way.
Now… If only my hair would leave us alone long enough for us to consummate our mating. Wait… Why is Medwin suddenly a frog?

Published by Siren Publishing
Date of publication: 23.11.2013
Word count: 45.592 words

Life is not easy for a carnivorous rabbit. I would know. I am one—Vesper, the white, hunting-challenged carnivorous bunny. I’ve always been completely unappreciated by my warren because of my inability to hunt. Finding a mate was next to impossible. Until now. The wait was worth it, because I’ve met Count Vlad Dracula. A vampire. My mate.
Suddenly, sucking is very appealing. As is every other form of intercourse my libidinous bunny mind can come up with. But Vlad has other ideas. He wants to woo me properly, to introduce me to the lifestyle of a vampire’s mate. Despite my lustful instincts, I’ve respected his decision. Being thrust into a vampire family is strange, especially when fur-obsessed sisters are involved. Sadly, Vlad’s plan backfires when a mysterious witch attacks us.
Now, it’s up to Vlad to rescue me from her clutches. I only hope he will do so before the damn bitch slaughters my fur with her abusive petting.

Published by Siren Publishing
Date of publication: 07.12.2013
Word count: Coming soon
Link: Briar Rose and His Not-So-Charming Prince (coming soon)

Have you ever heard the phrase “sleep your life away”? I can testify to the fact that its meaning can go beyond pure sloth.
For past centuries, I’ve been in a cursed sleep, waiting for my fated mate. I know, it sounds bad. After all, I didn’t listen to my parents when they told me to forget about roses. But how could I? I am a dryad, and I was born out of roses. They are even in my name. Briar Rose.
My wait finally ended when Prince Leonard of Arthuria appeared in our kingdom. He is everything I’ve ever wanted in a mate. He might not be classically charming, but he makes me tremble in delight, my roses blossom with hope, and my heart race with a need I’ve never experienced.
But can Leonard single-handedly go against the witch who cursed me? Will our lips even meet in a real kiss? I don’t know, and that scares me.