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Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Release day: Kaldor Saga 4: Mending Shattered Souls

Yay! It's here! Kaldor Saga 4 is finally out. This is a story I love a lot, with a hero that has made a lot of mistakes and seeks salvation in love. I hope everyone will enjoy it as well.
After his betrayal, Pierre D’Argent is tortured and broken by his own people. His only desire is to somehow find salvation in death. But a mysterious man going by the name of X rescues him, bringing a spark of hope in his life.
Love blossoms between them, despite Pierre’s incurable affliction and X’s amnesia. But shattered souls cannot be mended so easily. On the run from the Sidhe and vampire nations, at odds with their only allies, Pierre and X find themselves in a situation with no escape.
When X’s past reemerges, it brings even more complications and problems. But the worst is yet to come. The Kaldorian land of Xeetha is crumbling under the attack of hostile forces. The two lovers will have to fight for the freedom of the demon lands. Will love be enough to help them find a way?
Mending Shattered Souls
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