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Tuesday, July 5, 2011

New release: Spirit Wolves 1. A Mate Beyond Their Reach

Hi everyone. Today is finally the release day of A Mate Beyond Their Reach. It's a menage paranormal and it is part of my Spirit Wolves series. The second book will be coming out in a week or so, and books 3, 4 and 5, throughout this month and the next. So do check it out if you like a shape-shifter tale with a twist.
When Doctor Andrew Blunt finds an injured wolf, the last thing he expects is to fall for the man behind the beast. Trent is everything he has denied himself—handsome, dangerous, and Drew's mate. But he is also a spirit wolf, and a carrier of a deadly virus that can turn any human insane.
Trent is a hunter, having lived all his life for his duty to defeat ferals—the plague of their kind. He does not expect a human mate. Claiming Drew would be impossible. Desperate to protect Drew, Trent finds himself in front of a new challenge—their other mate, Valerius, who is a Judiciary sent to keep the secret of their people safe.
Now, Drew has to face the dangers of a world he does not understand. Can Valerius and Trent save their mate before it is too late, or will Drew be forever beyond their reach?
A Siren Erotic Romance

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I really hope you all enjoy this book and this series. Looking forward to hear your opinions.

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