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Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Guest: Marion Webb-Desisto - Character Interview

 Hi everyone. Today Marion Webb Desisto is here at my blog chatting with Prince Samael from her Angelic Chronicles. I think you will find his replies very enlightening. I certainly did. I'm now jealous of his love interest.

Interviewer: "I'm here today to chat to the archangel named Samael. Actually, you'll probably know him better as the devil, the one who rules Hell. So, Samael, I'd like to welcome you here. I’m Andrew and I'll be asking some questions and finding out more about you."

Samael: "You will address me as Prince Samael."

Interviewer: Oh, sorry, I didn't realize you have a title. Well, Prince Samael, let’s get started."

Samael: "I thought I was to be interviewed by a woman."

Interviewer: "Yes, well, how can I put this? My boss changed her mind about who should interview you. She heard you have an eye for the ladies and thought you might try to proposition a female interviewer rather than answer her questions."

Samael: "It is difficult for women to resist me. I am the first-born archangel, who has more power than any other. Some men also cannot refuse what I ask of them."

Interviewer: "Oh, uh... I don't think I'll be one of them. I'm really just here to pass on information about you to our readers. So, Prince Samael, I’d like to ask you about the place you rule. Is it really filled with flames, fallen angels and demons?”

Samael: “There are many fallen angels and demons, as well as humans in my realm. Parts of it are very hot, like the Pit, and other parts are icy cold, such as the outer boundaries that lie close to the Abyss, but there are no flames. That is a human misconception.”

Interviewer: “Ok, no flames. Now, we call your realm Hell, but you have a different name for it. What is it?”

Samael: “Abbadon.”

Interviewer: “And while on the subject of names, I thought yours was Lucifer, not Samael.”

Samael: “On some of his visits to Earth, Angel Lucifer has boasted that he is me. I presume he does it in order to present himself as being more powerful than what he actually is. This is how the mistake has arisen.”

Interviewer: “I see. Does his pretence annoy you?”

Samael: “No, why should it? I admire deception and keeping humans unaware of my true identity gives me an advantage over them.”

Interviewer: “Well, you just lost that advantage over me and those who read this interview.”

Samael: “Do not make such a remark! It angers me and you would be wise not to incur my wrath.”

Interviewer: “Oh, my apologies, Prince Samael, I was just trying to state the obvious. I don’t want to make you angry; I’ve heard the consequences are terrible for those who do. Can you tell us about those punishments?”

Samael: “I can have you thrown into the Pit where demons will attack you and drink your life force essence, or I might extract your soul with my lodestone crystal. Another punishment would be me severely injuring you with my crystal light wand.”

Interviewer: “Those all sound quite frightening, but I do have a couple of questions about them. You mention demons drinking essence. Is that like vampires drinking someone’s blood?”

Samael: “It could be considered similar. The life force essence flows through the bodies of archangels and angels, as blood flows through humans.”
Interviewer: “Ok, and what do you do with an extracted soul?”

Samael: “I keep it prisoner inside a dome where I keep all of the other extracted souls.”

Interviewer: “They say you collect souls, but I didn’t realize you do it literally. Continuing with the subject of punishment, I’d like to know if the holstered crystal on your left shoulder is the light wand you mentioned.”

Samael: “It is. My crystal wand is a trusty friend. Its three points emit rays, which can burn right through you. Their color is pale blue and they are as powerful as what, in your world, is known as a laser. Would you like me to demonstrate?”

Interviewer: “No thanks, I’ll take your word for it. Now, some questions about something a little more personal. As I said before, you have an eye for the ladies. You were in love with Archangel Malkura and she loved you, but your drastic change of character from good to evil turned her away. She has given her attention to your brother, Seriel, and appears to be in love with him. This must...”

Samael: “Do not make mention of that! I have abandoned my feelings for Malkura and banished Seriel from my realm.”

Interviewer: “Oh dear, I guess I’m making you angry again, but I really didn’t mean to, Prince Samael. You see, our readers love to hear about the love life of those we talk to so we try to include any updated romance news as part of each interview. I’m supposed to ask you about your consorts. Ok?”

Samael: “It will depend on what you ask.”

Interviewer: “Well, I believe they are Lilith and Kokabel. Correct?”

Samael: “Yes, but Lilith is no longer with me. I sent her back to the other demons for a reason I am not prepared to discuss with you. However, Angel Kokabel continues to live in my palace as my consort.”

Interviewer: “So may I ask if she is important to you?”

Samael: “I hold little regard for her. She remains with me only because I know it infuriates Angel Azazel. Kokabel was his consort until he disobeyed my command. That is another subject I shall not elaborate on.”

Interviewer: “One more question in the romance department. There is an angel named Manah with whom you’ve been keeping company. This is surprising because she is very different from you, being gentle and innocent. Are you attracted to Manah or do you hope to corrupt her?”

Samael: “The reason why Angel Manah visits me in Abbadon is strictly a confidential matter. I have no desire to tell you anything more about her other than to say this. When she is interviewed, nothing must be said to upset or concern her. If this should happen, I shall take action against whoever is responsible.”

Interviewer: “I’ll make sure the interviewer is aware of what you have told me. Shall we move on to something else?”

Samael: “No, I have given you more than sufficient insight into myself. I am leaving now.”

Interviewer: “Well, folks, he’s just flown away so that’s the end of our chat. Not the most enjoyable, but interesting. I think he’d probably have been more sociable if I was a woman.” 

He sounds very sweet, doesn't he? All protective about Angel Manah. I'd certainly want a piece of that for myself. If you want to read more about him and Manah, check out the author.


  1. Great interview, Maz! Made me smile :)

    Have a great day!

  2. Thanks, Angelika. I quite like doing character interviews.

  3. Yes, it made me smile, too. I love the gentle humour

  4. Thanks, Megan. I just hope it gives a little insight into Samael's character.