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Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Happy Valentine's Day! A short for my readers

Happy Valentine's day! To celebrate the occasion, I wrote a short ficlet bringing together characters from my two series, Deadly Mates and Kaldor Saga. They'll never actually meet in the main arc, but I thought it would be fun to imagine it just the same. Enjoy!

Title: Our first Valentine
Pairings: Kaiden/Viktor – Deadly Mates 1: Moon's Sweet Poison
Gabriel/ Lucien – Kaldor Saga 1: Enraptured
Summary: Viktor goes to look for a last minute present for Kai and meets an unusual person.

Viktor scanned through the available products, the overflow of fluffy hearts and stuffed animals making his head swirl. It was Valentine's day, and much to his shame, it had completely slipped his mind. He'd never had to celebrate it before, as he'd been single and alone, but this year, he had a mate, a very beautiful, sexy mate who deserved the most romantic present in existence.
He'd been amazingly busy with reorganizing the pack, but that didn't make for an appropriate excuse for his forgetfulness. Viktor knew Kai had never celebrated Valentine's – snake shifters simply did not do that sort of thing. All the more reason why he'd have liked to find a nice present for his mate.
Unfortunately, the best presents couldn't be bought at the last moment, and Victor desperately tried to find something to at least compensate for the lack and hope Kai would forgive him.
He browsed through the fluffy animals and caught sight of something that looked like a tail. Could it be? No, it wasn't possible. No one in his or her right mind would make a snake plushy.
He made an attempt to reach for it, and his hand hit the one of another person. He looked up only to meet a blue gaze that, strangely, reminded Viktor of his own eyes. A tall blond blinked at him and pulled his arm back. "Apologies," he said.
His voice sounded accented, low and slightly awkward. Viktor didn't know why, but it made him amazingly curious. "Looking for a last minute present?"
The blond nodded. "I just found out about the celebration. My people don't have it."
Viktor suppressed the urge to gape. Where had this guy lived before, another world? But he did look confused, so Viktor just made a sympathetic comment. "I forgot. My mate is going to be so upset."
The word "mate" slipped out so easily, but the man didn't even blink. Viktor judged that the his new acquaintance was some sort of supernatural being. He certainly didn't smell human, although his scent wasn't familiar to Viktor at all. "You're having trouble finding the right gift," the blond said. "Well, what does your loved one like?"
That was easy. Kai liked warmth. But he couldn't exactly buy his mate a blanket. They had tons in the house, and it wasn't a romantic gift. "He likes to be warm."
Viktor very much liked to keep Kai warm, in interesting and sexual ways, but a sexual gift did not suffice in this case. As if guessing Viktor's thoughts, the man grinned at him. "I see. Perhaps a dinner might work. I hear some dishes can have that effect. And in the end, don't people here say it's the thought that counts?"
Viktor considered the other man's words. It made sense. Of course, he'd have liked to make something more elaborate, but Kai did enjoy spicy dishes. Next year, Viktor would have to remember to order something beforehand.
As Viktor contemplated his options, the man picked a pretty plushy with a baby holding a heart. "Congratulations," Viktor said, guessing the man would be a father soon.
The blond's expression turned incredibly tender. "Thank you. Children are a wonder, aren't they?"
Viktor didn't know, since he didn't have children and he probably never would. Nevertheless, he nodded. "That's true. I appreciate the advice. I think I'm going to go find a catering company to arrange it."
The man looked confused, but in the end, he said, "By any chance, would you happen to know if this company sells flowers?"
"Err… No. But there is a florist's on the way, if you'd like to try."
They left the shop after the blond paid for the plushy – far too much, apparently. The cashier's eyes boggled and she stammered as she thanked them.
Viktor's companion didn't pay her any heed. "Where is this shop?" he asked.
Still confused as to the man's behavior, Viktor led his companion. to the florist's store. He waited for a few minutes while his companion selected his new purchase. He'd have liked to hurry to buy his own presents, but he couldn't just leave. Thankfully, the blond didn't take long and chose a beautiful bouquet of white roses. Strangely, he had the florist put the roses in a bag.
"Well, I guess I'll find my mate now," the blond said. "It was nice talking to you. I'm Lucien by the way."
Viktor extended his hand and they shook. "Viktor."
As they exited the florist's, Viktor spotted a small brunet rushing in their direction. The young man reached them and turned blazing black eyes toward Lucien. "Where have you been, Luce? I've been looking all over for you."
Lucien pecked the smaller man on the lips. Under Viktor's very eyes, the purchases vanished into thin air. So this was why Lucien had placed the flowers in a bag. He'd know his mate was in the area and wanted to keep the presents a surprise. "Just looking around, Gabriel. Where are the others?"
The young brunet – Gabriel, apparently – blushed. "I left them in the café."
Lucien gave Gabriel a scolding look. "I told you a million times I don't want you to be alone."
"But you were taking so long…" Gabriel answered. "I missed you."
Viktor now felt like the third wheel, and the obvious love between the two made him ache for his own lover. "Well, Lucien, I'll be off."
The blond turned toward him, having obviously forgotten about his presence altogether."Good luck with your mate."
"Likewise," Viktor answered.
The two men walked away, leaving Viktor confused and shocked. But weirder things had happened in his life. Shrugging to himself, he walked away, busy plotting his romantic dinner.
That night, armed with an oriental meal he'd spent an inordinate amount on, Viktor waited for his mate to come home. Thankfully, he'd managed to distract Kai by asking him to visit the home of their pack's Beta, Flame.
He'd just finished arranging the final details when he heard the front door open."I'm back," Kai called out.
"In here," Viktor said.
Kai walked into the dining room and promptly froze in his tracks. "What's all this?" Kai asked. His beautiful lips twisted into a barely perceptible smile and his gold eyes shone in pleasure. Anyone else might have missed it, but Viktor saw the sheer happiness and honest glee.
"A gift," Viktor answered. He walked around the table and to his mate. Wrapping Kai into a tight embrace, he whispered, "For my sweet love."
"Oh, Viktor…" Kai murmured. "Thank you. I… "
Their lips met into a sweet kiss, and Viktor groaned as he felt his mate's chilly skin warm under his touch. They broke apart panting and Kai offered him a small smile. "I did get you a little something," he said in a small voice.
Viktor arched a brow. "Oh?"
Kai retrieved a small package from his jacket and fidgeted uncomfortably. "It was an impulse buy. It's stupid. I'll throw it away."
Viktor snatched the present from Kai's grip before his mate could do such a thing. He opened in, curious to see what his lover had bought. Much to his surprise, he found a small bottle inside. It was a bottle that said, "Anti-fleas." Viktor opened it, sniffed it and grinned. "It would have been such a waste if you'd thrown it away."
A waste, indeed. They both enjoyed warming lubricant a lot, and Viktor planned to enjoy this particular one tonight. "Happy Valentine's Day!" Kai said, the hiss in his speech obvious now.
"Happy Valentine's Day, Kai!" Viktor answered.
Their romantic dinner was left forgotten and cooled off while they put Kai's present to good use.


  1. loved it...do I dare try another one of your series??? ;-)

  2. Nice! Heheheh ;)

    Scarlet, I want to ask you about chance to translate this free story to Spanish. I don't ask for pay or something like that. I just ask for your authorization to do it.

    In this momente, I'm translating a K.A. Merikan's free story. "Blood. On the Rocks".

    I send you my web if you want take a look before answer me: http://freebooksinspanish.blogspot.com/

    I think many people can't read this free story in English so I want give them chance to read it, cause is amazing! I liked it so much!

    I'll waiting for your answer.

    Big hug!