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Monday, September 26, 2011

Tides of Love series

Tides of Love is a LovExtreme series from Siren Bookstrand, that takes place on the waterworld of Uli. As humans get transported on this strange world, they meet love in the unlikeliest of placest.

Series structure:
1. Saving Connor
2. Craving Owen
Work in progress
3. Healing Valderr
Other projected releases:
4. Seducing Kani
5. Claiming Fayre

Published by Siren Bookstrand
Date of publication: 26.09. 2011
Word count: 62.670 words
Buy link: Saving Connor


Thrust by chance in the waterworld of Uli, Connor finds himself falling for five gorgeous men. Rallion, Wren, Tallean, Chek and Rodrik are as different as night and day, and yet they all arouse deep feelings inside him, feelings he does not know how to deal with.
Elven princes Wren and Tallean want to protect Connor, but they do not realize how much the abyss between their social positions affects him. It is up to half-fae Rallion to soothe Connor. But when an investigation regarding his presence on Uli begins, the situation is complicated by the appearance of Chek and Rodrik.
The two shape-shifters teach Connor and his men more about their souls and bodies than they'd ever known before. But there is a shadow watching from the darkness, hunting Connor. Can the five men save their lover before it is too late? What will these tides of love bring?

Published by Siren Bookstrand
Date of publication: 10.10. 2011
Word count: 68.596 words
Buy link: Craving Owen

Reaching Uli while trying to find Connor, Owen falls in love with five men involved in a terrible war. Yane, Alcharr, Sassaki, Hash, and Kyllian are bound by age-old histories of enmity, hate, and greed. Nymph Yane is in love with Alcharr, but forced into an arranged betrothal for the purpose of a political union. Their two nations mean to fight the wyrms attacking Yane's lands—Sassaki's people. All the while, Hash tries to investigate the situation and find a way to control it.
But when they meet Owen, their priorities change, and they become involved in a desperate fight to keep Owen safe. They enlist the help of air wizard Kyllian. But even as Kyllian's forceful passion teaches them the truth about themselves, the five struggle against a plot that can destroy the world. Can craving Owen unite his five lovers? Can Owen's love defeat the differences between them?


  1. I have really enjoyed the two tales of Uli and am waiting for Valderr's story. The world is interesting, the mystery is intriguing, the people are real, flawed and lovable. I woulf like a little more on their emotional side even if you had to split the tales into multiple books. Please don't give up on Uli.

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  3. Are you still writing this serie?