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I am first and foremost, a story teller. My passions are M/M fiction and fantasy, and I combine these two things in my work. Among other things, in my books you will find men in love (with each other), vampires, demons, angels and shapeshifters.

Saturday, November 23, 2013

A Tail Like No Other series

A Tail Like No Other is a fantasy series of twisted fairytales. The series stars familiar characters such as Vlad Dracula, Rapunzel and Sleeping Beauty, all put together in my own version of their story, in the alternative world of Avalon.
The series is complete and its structure is as follows:
1. My Mate's A Dragon Slayer?
2. Pixie of Frankenstein
3. The Frog Prince's Hair-Raising Predicament
4. Undead Have Bunnies Too
5. Briar Rose and His Not-So-Charming Prince
6. Little Red and the Big Black Panther
7. Prince Snow and His Snow King

Published by Siren Publishing
Date of publication: 12.10.2013
Word count: 44.415 words

Have you ever read one of those stories where fire-breathing dragons sweeps down from the sky, torches villages, and eats unsuspecting villagers? This isn’t one of them. This is the real thing, and I’m a real dragon. My name’s Dineiro, but you can call me Dini. All my friends do.
Confused? I can definitely empathize. Imagine this. One day, while out with my friends, I run into the legendary Rainbow Brick Road, which leads me straight to my mate, Prince Kirril of Arthuria. Sadly, he is human, and a dragon slayer. And no, we don’t just rush to each other and embrace like I might have imagined once or twice. Instead, he shoots me with a crossbow.
We’re so different, but against all odds, a true connection forms between us. Of course, the path of fate is fickle. If the two of us want to be together, we have a long road ahead. This is, after all, the first chapter in our tale.

Published by Siren Publishing
Date of publication: 26.10.2013
Word count: 42.197 words

What do you do when your mate is a shape-shifting feline? Well, I don’t know about you, but I emanate extra pixie dust. That’s what I did when I first met Victor Frankenstein. Of course, back then I thought he was going to eat me, but that’s beside the point.
Currently, I’m looking forward to him eating me – in an entirely different way. Alas, I’ve always been somewhat small – I’m a pixie, damn it, don’t laugh. Therefore, he’s ten times my size. Worse, my poor mate is under a curse from an evil witch.
To complete our bond, we have to embark on a quest to defeat her and make me human-sized. I suppose it could be worse. He could be changing into a slug, not a cat. At the very least, his fur makes for nice bedding.
What? Don’t glare at me. I have my priorities in order. I will succeed. After all, I am Larue, pixie of Frankenstein.

Published by Siren Publishing
Date of publication: 9.11.2013
Word count: 45.903 words
People think that waiting in your tower for a dashing prince to rescue you is romantic. Believe me, that’s overrated. I should know. My name is Rapunzel Stiltskin, and for years my father kept me locked in a tower. And then my path unexpectedly crossed that of Arthurian prince Medwin.
Medwin is my perfect match. He understands me, and he doesn’t freak out when my obscenely long tresses trip him or knock over various items. He also does things to my body that make me ask questions I almost don’t dare to answer.
Am I a maiden? That’s what my father claimed, but if that’s the case, I’m not a very maidenly one. Medwin doesn’t think I’m female at all, and I believe him, especially when my libido responds to him in such a distinctively male—ahem—way.
Now… If only my hair would leave us alone long enough for us to consummate our mating. Wait… Why is Medwin suddenly a frog?

Published by Siren Publishing
Date of publication: 23.11.2013
Word count: 45.592 words

Life is not easy for a carnivorous rabbit. I would know. I am one—Vesper, the white, hunting-challenged carnivorous bunny. I’ve always been completely unappreciated by my warren because of my inability to hunt. Finding a mate was next to impossible. Until now. The wait was worth it, because I’ve met Count Vlad Dracula. A vampire. My mate.
Suddenly, sucking is very appealing. As is every other form of intercourse my libidinous bunny mind can come up with. But Vlad has other ideas. He wants to woo me properly, to introduce me to the lifestyle of a vampire’s mate. Despite my lustful instincts, I’ve respected his decision. Being thrust into a vampire family is strange, especially when fur-obsessed sisters are involved. Sadly, Vlad’s plan backfires when a mysterious witch attacks us.
Now, it’s up to Vlad to rescue me from her clutches. I only hope he will do so before the damn bitch slaughters my fur with her abusive petting.

Published by Siren Publishing
Date of publication: 07.12.2013
Word count: Coming soon
Link: Briar Rose and His Not-So-Charming Prince (coming soon)

Have you ever heard the phrase “sleep your life away”? I can testify to the fact that its meaning can go beyond pure sloth.
For past centuries, I’ve been in a cursed sleep, waiting for my fated mate. I know, it sounds bad. After all, I didn’t listen to my parents when they told me to forget about roses. But how could I? I am a dryad, and I was born out of roses. They are even in my name. Briar Rose.
My wait finally ended when Prince Leonard of Arthuria appeared in our kingdom. He is everything I’ve ever wanted in a mate. He might not be classically charming, but he makes me tremble in delight, my roses blossom with hope, and my heart race with a need I’ve never experienced.
But can Leonard single-handedly go against the witch who cursed me? Will our lips even meet in a real kiss? I don’t know, and that scares me.

Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Chronicles of the Shifter Directive series

Chronicles of the Shifter Directive is my new paranormal series, an epic saga formed out of seven books, and rotating around a paranormal world divided in nine castes.
The series structure is as follows:
1. Werewolf's Way
2. Draechen's Mate
3. Warriors' Dream
4. Naga's Concubine
5. Emperor's Consort
6. Fire's Embrace
7. From the Ashes
Free Companion Guide

I will post all the covers and the blurbs as the books come out. For the moment, here are the ones for the first two books, as well as the Free Companion Guide available for download on the Siren BookStrand website.

Published by Siren Publishing
Date of publication: 27.07.2013
Word count: 14.275 words

Accompanying the release of the first of seven books, Werewolf’s Way, is a free Companion Guide for the series to fully immerse you in the world of the Shifter Directive and hint at what’s in store for this epic tale. The introduction to the guide can be read below to give you a taste of what’s to come.

I chose to write this companion for a very simple reason. The world-building in Chronicles of the Shifter Directive is very complex. There are a lot of characters and a lot of information, so I thought it would be useful for readers to have a guide.

I have done something similar before, with the free character list available on my website for the Mate or Meal series. However, this companion guide is far more complex, including not only the names of each characters, but also historical background, complete description of the species involved, family trees, and a FAQ section.

Naturally, with all the information in the guide, there will be some spoilers, although not to the plot of the books. I endeavored to keep the information largely independent from what happens in the actual stories.

If you prefer to be surprised even in terms of world-building, I have a little extra for you, a sneak peek into the first story, Werewolf’s Way, starring werewolf Graham Powers and sprite Caelyn Sutharlainn. You can also find it in this Companion and read it without fear of too many spoilers.

So, this guide can be used for many things—to give you a feel of the series, to make you remember interesting facts, and to help you monitor your favorite characters and their relationships along the way.

Without further ado, enjoy the Companion, and most of all, enjoy the series!

Published by Siren Publishing
Date of publication: 6.07.2013
Word count: 78.233 words
Buy link: Werewolf's Way 

Hundreds of years ago, werewolves and vampires started a war that nearly wiped out all of humankind. They lost, and to pay for their crimes, they became the slaves of the draechen, trapped by the provisions of the new Shifter Directive.

Now, Alpha Graham Powers still maintains hope that he will be able to free his people. When he is captured by a draechen patrol, he finds someone who might be more important to him than freedom itself. His mate, Caelyn Sutharlainn.

Caelyn is a sprite, belonging to a species that tried to cooperate with the nearly omnipotent draechen. But when Caelyn meets Graham, he knows he cannot allow the strong, proud Alpha to be crushed by the draechen’s ruthlessness.

Together, the two attempt to flee the draechen forces. But does their love have a chance of holding its own against an empire? Can the werewolf and the sprite find their way in a world that refuses to accept them?

Published by Siren Publishing
Date of publication: 20.07.2013
Word count: 80.962 words

Black dragon Karein Tersain is the ultimate soldier. He has fought to contain the werewolves and vampires who once nearly destroyed the world, enforcing a Shifter Directive he doesn’t really believe in, all the while struggling with nightmares and plagued by restless guilt.

But as his two hundredth birthday approaches, his time is running out. Without a mate, he risks being killed by his own people. To top things off, his father, the draechen emperor, arranges his marriage with a fae, Sari Norrenddare.

A political match is the last thing Karein needs. Or so he thinks, until he meets Sari. The moment he sets his eyes on the beautiful fae, Karein realizes Sari is his true mate.

But even as the two men fall desperately in love with each other, Karein’s family aims to begin a war with the fae. Can the strength of one mate bond change the destinies of two peoples and save the paranormal world from chaos?

Published by Siren Publishing
Date of publication: 03.08.2013
Word count: 79.764 words
Buy link: Warrior's Dream

In the paranormal world, the greatest legend is that of fae prince Talrasar Myrthylar and his dragon mate, Kaelezrin Tersain. It is the story of the Great Sacrifice, a time when two warriors ended their own lives and their bond to save the world from destruction.
But their story isn’t over yet. An unexpected attack on their descendents suddenly brings them back, two men out of time, relics of a past long considered myth. However, once again their attempt to help costs them, and the two men are separated. Suffering from amnesia, Talrasar falls into the hands of an unlikely foe. A desperate Kael begins the quest to find his mate, enlisting the help of their descendents.
Meanwhile, a new political ploy threatens Ornoz and its shaky leadership. Can Talrasar and Kaelezrin navigate the murky waters of their chaotic future? Will their sacrifice finally be repaid, or is the warriors’ dream to have a family fated to never come true?

Published by Siren Publishing
Date of publication: 17.08.2013
Word count: 75.557 words
Buy link:  Naga's Concubine

Ice dragon Sagenamadeen Zager has always been a loyal soldier, renowned for his cold demeanor. But his life changes when Sage meets and falls in love with Prince Camden Isaiat.
Camden is the only one who truly manages to melt the ice around his heart. But Camden is also a naga, a member of the second caste and a chimera. Their love is a taboo. And it isn’t only the draechen who are against it, but also Camden’s family.
When Sage agrees to join them in the naga capital, he becomes little more than a concubine. But just as Sage and Camden decide they’ve had enough, a vampire ploy targets the naga. Mysterious forces are at work, and Sage is the only one who can keep his mate safe from them. Can he prove the true power of his mate bond surpasses all labels, or will distrust, hatred, and darkness separate him from his lover?

Published by Siren Publishing
Date of publication: 31.08.2013
Word count: 87.101 words
Buy link: Emperor's Consort

Ice dragon Hareem Tersain was born to lead the draechen empire. He thought nothing could become more important to him than Ornoz. He was wrong.
When his path crosses that of one beautiful werewolf, Hareem is torn between love and duty. For Hareem, Taryn Lovington, his mate, is perfect. But their bond is taboo. Other draechen would never accept a ninth caste member as an emperor’s consort and a werewolf’s child as an heir. Trying to protect Taryn, Hareem sends him away.
He doesn’t realize his foes know about his connection with Taryn. When Taryn is attacked by vampires, a chain of events is set into motion that reveals an unexpected enemy. Forced into unlikely alliances, cornered by the selfish desires of others, Hareem has to build a safer world, one where he and Taryn would be free to love each other. Will he succeed in this daunting task, or will he pay the ultimate price for making the attempt?

Published by Siren Publishing
Date of publication: 14.09.2013
Word count: 77.969 words
Buy link: Fire's Embrace

Draechen prince Rachen Tersain is desperately in love with sprite Alwyn Cyraltin, and is aware they share a bond. However, he still has trouble separating his identity from that of his twin brother. Thinking he doesn’t deserve a mate, he maintains an almost platonic relationship with Alwyn.
That changes when Alwyn comes to him, revealing his greatest fears and doubts. Rachen attempts to help his mate, but a vision from his brother-in-law, Sari, throws the Tersain into chaos. Now, Rachen has to fight to prove Alwyn’s innocence in front of his loved ones.
As the sexual tension between Alwyn and Rachen increases, so does the apprehension of the imperial family. With Alwyn’s powers growing and the Tersain struggling between their affection toward Rachen and their fears of the unknown, Rachen is the only one who can find a solution. Can he give his mate the love they both need, or will the fire of their passion be extinguished by Alwyn’s secrets?

Published by Siren Publishing
Date of publication: 28.09.2013
Word count: 94.016 words
Buy link: From the Ashes

What is the value of a law long considered obsolete? How does one decision affect the course of the entire history?
Most people never get the chance to find out, but Phoenix and Rachen do. Much to their dismay, they find themselves in a reality torn apart. The draechen emperor, Shtamakarein Tersain, rules the world with an iron fist, but he doesn’t realize his mate is the man he considers his worst foe, Sari. His brother Hareematek hunts the nearly extinct werewolves, not knowing that his other half is among them. The entire world—paranormal and human—is at war.
Phoenix now faces the hardest decision of all—having to choose between the life of his mate and that of countless others. And when his powers disappear, the situation grows even more hopeless.
Will love be enough to fix the broken bonds? Can the world be reborn from the ashes, or will it collapse into ruins of a mutated history?

Monday, June 17, 2013

Author guest: Pixie Storm and "Seducing the Vampire's Pet"

Hello, dear readers. Today, I'm welcoming one of my fellow Siren Publishing authors here at my blog. A round of applause for Pixie Storm!

Hello this is Pixie Storm here and thank you very much to Scarlet for hosting me today. I am here to talk about my new book, Seducing the Vampire’s Pet, which will be released from Siren Publishing on 20 June.
The Vampires in Love series was one I conceived in order to explore recurring characters at different points in their history. There’s such scope for vampires in that you can tell their story in different centuries and still hold the thread together. The big bad villain, Emil, came to life first. He’s older than time and no one knows where he came from. He’s an important, common theme that links all the books. After fleshing out my other characters, I looked at who would be the focus of the first book and how I could set up a secondary character who would then become the focus of the second book. As I write this, the second book is done and I know which character from that story will be the focus of the third book. All the characters are linked and most characters will appear in all books in the series unless I’ve killed them and even then they might still appear ;-)

Keep reading for the synopsis and an excerpt from the book.


Severin lost his soul mate ten years ago. Now Nikolaus belongs to another vampire...
The vampire Severin Murnau gave up Nikolaus Mayr because he didn't want to turn the human. Now he finds Emil Meissner, his maker, has control of Nikolaus, holding the human as his pet in his castle in Bavaria.
Severin and his friend Istvan are at the castle for a gathering. There is unfinished business between Severin and Nikolaus. As soon as they set eyes on each other, their passion rages out of control just like ten years ago. Severin has never touched Nikolaus before. He let him go in the ultimate act of altruism. Now he’s desperate, forgetting all the promises he made to himself. His only option to taste what he’s never had appears to be to join Emil and Nikolaus in bed, but once isn’t enough and he’s not sure he wants to share...


Vienna 1885

Severin sat back on his uncomfortable metal chair and looked up at the stars in the black velvet sky. The beautiful man inside had seemed happy with his woman. Perhaps Severin should leave him be and go home now. But he didn’t want to go home hungry. What harm would it do to take a nip and leave the young man with little more than a headache? He didn’t have to kill him, did he?
He straightened up as he saw a pair of slender legs appear at the top of the terrace steps. The rest of the man’s body came into view – black suit, white linen. The moonlight shone on luminescent skin and for just a moment, Severin thought he felt his dead heart jump in his chest. He frowned, unsettled by the feeling. Victim, he reminded himself. Nothing else.
The man came down the steps and saw Severin sitting at the bottom instantly. He paused a moment, clearly torn, but perhaps good manners made him acknowledge Severin politely.
“It’s hot in there.” He spoke in a local accent. He was Austrian through and through.
Severin inclined his head. “And cool out here.”
The man made steady eye contact. His eyes were an astonishing violet colour, a sharp contrast with his black hair. He bit his lip a moment. “Nikolaus Mayr,” he said, holding out his hand.
Severin hesitated. The way the blood stirred in his veins, he was not sure he wanted to touch this man yet. But he did anyway. “Severin Murnau.” Nikolaus’s hand was small and delicate. Severin felt he could have crushed its bones in an instant. He felt the human’s energy flow into him. The man was young, perhaps twenty-one. His clear complexion was fresh and dewy. He had years of life ahead of him if only Severin left him alone this evening.
Nikolaus slid his hand free. He coughed and looked away, pretending to admire the sculpted gardens. Severin considered him. A man who liked men and fought his hardest against his desire? Possibly. Severin was sure he himself would feel more guilt if he was human and not vampire. As it was, taking men didn’t matter much in the grand scheme of things. Both would get him killed in the end.
“Why don’t you sit for a moment?” Severin suggested, using his kindest, most seductive tone.
Nikolaus looked torn, posture tense as though ready to flee. Did he sense the danger? He sank into the chair beside Severin. Only the table separated the vampire from having his wicked way. He glanced around. They were too close to the steps. Anyone descending could see them. Nikolaus was lucky so far. Severin would have to lure him deeper into the garden, which he had no doubt he could do.
He glanced at his companion when Nikolaus sighed. “Are you unwell, sir?”
“Forgive me,” Nikolaus said. “I’m tired.” He passed a hand over his face and for a moment looked like he had the weight of the world on his shoulders.
Severin licked his lips. “The lady you are with tonight, is she your wife?
Nikolaus laughed. “Good God, no. Anna is someone my parents force me to take on social outings. They expect I will marry her.”
Severin digested the words a moment. Here was a man trapped by social convention. “Do you want to marry her?”
Nikolaus bowed his head and squeezed his eyes shut. He shook his head tightly.
“I’m sorry,” Severin said. He was dangerously close to feeling human emotions he had not known in five hundred years.
Nikolaus looked at him in surprise. “Why are you sorry? You don’t know me.”
Severin had upset him. “Forgive me,” he said and marvelled at the conciliatory tone in his voice. He could take this man by force if he wanted, why was he sitting here soothing Nikolaus’s ravaged soul like he gave a damn?
Nikolaus exhaled loudly. “No, forgive me. I’m rude.” He glanced toward the steps. “I’m thirsty.”
Severin pushed his barely-touched wine toward him. “Please.”
Nikolaus took the glass and drank some of the liquid. Severin watched him swallow, Adam’s apple undulating and his spine prickled with heady arousal. His cock filled, his balls started to ache for satisfaction. He had been intending to merely drink from this man but he wanted so much more.
Nikolaus wiped the back of his hand over his mouth. He glanced at Severin with a shy smile that showed pearly teeth. That disused heart of Severin’s clenched and seemed to throb. “That’s good,” Nikolaus said.
“Finish it,” Severin said, thinking alcohol would loosen Nikolaus up, even if it would make Severin drunk too by proxy.
Nikolaus drained the last mouthful. He put the glass down and looked at it a moment. “I should go back inside.”
“Why don’t you take a turn around the gardens with me?” Severin suggested smoothly. “You look flushed.”
Nikolaus touched his own cheek self-consciously. He stood. “Perhaps a few minutes.” He set off walking and behind him, Severin smiled.

Saturday, November 24, 2012

The Taste of Love series

The Taste of Love is a series that rotates around various paranormal couples. It is based on the idea that for each person, love "tastes" differently.
So far, the structure of the series is the following:
1. Belgian Chocolates and Incubus Kisses
2. Coffee, Donuts and a Werewolf Howl
3. Mint Ice Cream and a Vampire's Bite - coming soon
4. Caramel Popcorn and a Lion's roar - WIP

Published by Siren Publishing
Date of publication: 27.10.2012
Word count: 34.326 words

Here’s my problem, folks. My name is Mackenzie Scott and I’m a normal guy. The most exciting thing about me is my addiction to Belgian chocolates. I work nine to five at a law firm, and I have a crush on my gorgeous boss, Julian Hayes. But what’s life without a little unrequited love, right?
Then how in the world did the man I’ve wanted for two years end up bending me over his desk? Worse, what’s all this about him being an incubus? Why do I suddenly have hooves? And what’s this obsession about fondling my new horn?
I think I’m going to be sick. Well, that might be just because of indigestion. I hear unicorns don’t digest Belgian chocolates well. Seriously, I’m going to kill Julian. Wait… I can’t. I love him. I guess I’m just going to have to live with it. How hard can it be?

Published by Siren Publishing
Date of publication: 24.11.2012
Word count: 37.295 words

My name is Rylee Scott and I’m a hunter. I protect other humans from finding out about the supernatural. But I’m also the stepsibling of a half-breed unicorn, and, it seems, the mate of a werewolf.
How did I end up in this predicament, you might ask? With my brother, it’s a no-brainer, but with my supposed mate… Arden Laberge is everything I’ve wanted in a man, strong like a shot of pure black java, but with a gentle edge soothing away the harshness. Yes, I’m very fond of coffee. Sue me.
Arden seems to believe we fit, like coffee and donuts. But I don’t know anything anymore. How can I change my entire way of life, even for him? How can I not?
And as if that wasn't enough, my ex has returned to cause me even more problems. My life’s gotten too crazy, and not even a healthy dose of caffeine can help me figure it out.

Thursday, May 17, 2012

Hop against Homophobia - A Confession

I have a confession to make. I used to be homophobic. Shocker, isn’t it? Well, it’s true. Kind of.

Due to my upbringing, I never once considered homosexual relationships, not even as a hypothetical fact. In my mind, they didn’t exist. Marriages and love could only happen between a man and a woman.

And then I left my small town and went to university. I met a lot of wonderful people and read some very interesting books. At first, it was all in good fun, but then it got me thinking. Why should love be restricted by gender, or anything else for that matter? It is the most beautiful thing in the world, and shouldn’t be shadowed by prejudice in any shape or form.

Looking back, it’s hard to believe I’m the same person I was during my high school years. But that’s normal, and I feel that I’ve grown a lot since those days. I am proud that I’ve gained new understanding.

And this brings me to my point. What is the root cause of homophobia? Partially, at least, it must be people who do not understand, who do not ask themselves questions, who blind themselves to new experiences. In my country, strong traditions keep many from arguing in favor of modernity, leaving them completely lost in their old ways, in their prejudice. Unfortunately, I have loved ones in this situation, and I cannot say I blame them for it. We have agreed to disagree, because at this point, I know I don’t have a chance in changing their minds.

This is why it is important for the young generation to grow in a different spirit. They should learn, like I did, that, as a good friend of mine says, love is love is love. There are no boundaries, other than the ones you set for yourself. As long as you and your chosen partner (or partners) care for each other and are consenting adults, no one should mind or should throw stones.

On this note, I’m going to share a small story with you. A few years back, while strolling in the city center with my best friend, we noticed two young men walking in front of us. They weren’t holding hands or anything like that, but I saw the closeness, I saw how they were trying to reach for each other without being obvious. Their affection was a beautiful thing, but I want them to be able to truly touch and kiss one day, without fearing public scorn.

I was very happy when I noticed how many authors, publishers, reviewers etc. enlisted in this blog hop. The task we have isn’t easy, and knowing that a lot of people out there are fighting for it encourages me, makes me think that one day, things will be better, for those young men and for all the other gay and lesbian couples out there.

Thank you for reading through my ramble. Comment to this post for the chance to win Deadly Mates 1. Moon’s Sweet Poison and Spirit Wolves 1. A Mate Beyond Their Reach. The blog hop lasts until the 20th, at which point a winner will be randomly drawn out of those who comment. Don't forget to leave your email address so I can contact you.

Also, find more authors, reviewers and publishers participating in this campaign here: http://hopagainsthomophobia.blogspot.com/

Look around, read through their experiences and don't hesitate to share your own. I'm sure that, like me, all those participants are looking forward to hearing your opinion.

Monday, January 30, 2012

The S.E.X. Factor series

The S.E.X. Factor series rotates around a group of humans who suffer from the S.S.E.X. syndrome, one that allows the to shape-shift into different animals. Their discoveries, friendships and love stories are documented in  books tentatively titled after song names. Current series structure (subject to change) is the following:
1. On the Wings of a Butterfly
2. The Wolf and the Raven
3. Dove Me Tender, Dove Me Sweet
4. Black and White
5. One Love of the Lion

Published by Siren Bookstrand
Date of publication: 30.01.2012
Word count: 39.257 words

Blue has always considered himself an anomaly, a freak. Always watched by his parents, he lives a hopeless existence due to his butterfly wings. His only comfort is a mysterious dream lover with golden eyes who comes to him at night. But Blue can’t even see his face and can’t even be sure the man is real.
When he dares to attempt an escape, Blue meets Wallace, a wolf-shifter. Wallace teaches him that there is so much more out there than Blue ever believed, that he is not alone like he’d thought.
As Blue struggles to accept the new revelations, emotions also emerge, paving the path to a brighter future. But there is someone still waiting to crush his dreams and his wings. With Wallace’s support, can Blue become a beautiful, bright butterfly, or will he forever be trapped in the cocoon of his own pain?

Published by Siren Bookstrand
Date of publication: 25.02.2012
Word count: 38.402 words

Leaving his boyfriend Lowell was the hardest thing Raven did. In spite of the werewolf’s possessiveness and the heartbreak he caused, Raven still loves him. He is tormented by memories of the good times between them.

Lowell has always loved Raven, but Raven’s strong bond with his best friend, Wallace, pushes him to believe there is a closer, romantic connection between the two. His jealousy tears apart his relationship with Raven. But when Wallace takes a lover, Lowell sees his chance. He tries to heal the rift separating him and Raven, but ends up making everything worse.

Feeling that he has lost Raven forever, Lowell receives one final blow when he is unfairly arrested for fraud. From behind bars, Raven seems farther away than ever. But there is a darker plot behind the arrest. Raven realizes Lowell is his mate, but this knowledge might come too late to save them.

Published by Siren Bookstrand
Date of publication: 31.03.2012
Word count: 39.345 words

When werewolf Maddox rescues dove Avery from a hunter, he is shocked by the emotions Avery rouses within him. Sparks fly, but Maddox sees Avery as too fragile to pursue a relationship.

A long time ago, Avery was kicked out by his parents for being gay. His boyfriend cast him aside, and a shocking event turned him into a fugitive. For the first time in ten years, Avery wants to trust someone, but his increasingly strong feelings for Maddox make him fear the werewolf's rejection.

However, as Avery becomes involved in an attempt to investigate who is hunting shape-shifters, his past makes an unexpected comeback. The appearance of Avery's first love arouses Maddox's jealousy and brings about new questions and problems. The truth Avery has been hiding will finally rear its ugly head, and when that happens, it will be up to Maddox to save his dove, and them all.

Published by Siren Bookstrand
Date of publication: 13.05.2012
Word count: 39.526 words
Buy link: Black and White

Black panther–shifter Onyx Grosvenor is a man without a past. When he meets Ivory Starr, he hopes he can have a future, perhaps build one at the fox’s side. But such a thing is easier said than done. Without a sense of his true identity, Onyx doesn’t feel he can be the man Ivory deserves.

Arctic fox Ivory has been attracted to Onyx ever since the fateful night he met the panther. It is an ongoing struggle not to pursue their chemistry and, instead, be the friend Onyx needs.

But both Ivory and Onyx have demons just waiting to attack. When those dark secrets make a comeback, the sexual tension between the two explodes into a bond that surprises them, and everyone else. Will that connection be enough to keep two people as different as night and day together, or will Ivory and Onyx be parted by circumstances beyond their control?

Saturday, October 15, 2011

Mate or Meal series

The Mate or Meal series rotates around unlikely pairings between predator and prey.

Series structure:
1. The Lamb Who Cried Wolf
2. The Wolf Who Hatched an Egg
3. The Love He Squirreled Away
4. The Lynx Who Claimed the Sun
5. The Shark Who Rode a Seahorse
6. The Gazelle Who Caught a Lion
7. The Demon Who Fed on a Shark
8. The Seahorse Who Loved the Wrong Lynx
9. The Lynx Who Purred For a Sidhe Prince
10. The Half-Breed Who Found His Other Half
11. The Swan Who Flew After a Wolf
12. The Wolf Who Fought for his Soul Mate
13. The Vampire Who Thirsted for a Wolf
14. The Warlock Who Hungered for a Demon

Published by Siren Bookstrand
Date of publication: 24.10.2011
Word count: 36.464 words


Lunch or lover? That is the question that appears in werewolf Brody’s mind when he meets lamb shifter Carson. The answer is easy. Simply looking into Carson’s innocent blue eyes tells him that the lamb is his mate. If he’s going to eat Carson up, they’ll both enjoy it.
Carson has been isolated by his flock due to his inability to grow into a strong ram. When he is unexpectedly attacked by his half-brother, he does not expect being rescued by a wolf—let alone falling in love with him.
But in spite of Brody and Carson’s feelings, there are other forces at work, and people who don’t agree with Brody’s new plans and diet. If Brody can’t find a way to save their bond, Carson might become lunch, after all.

Published by Siren Bookstrand
Date of publication: 7.11.2011
Word count: 40.703 words

Snack or sweetheart? Definitely sweetheart. Or so werewolf Liam thinks when he meets swan shifter Shiloh. Shiloh is everything Liam’s soul yearns for, a gorgeous, feisty spitfire who turns his blood into flame and makes his entire being sing. But Shiloh is reluctant to believe in Liam’s good intentions.
Shiloh has been searching for The One for as long as he can remember. In his quest, he made several mistakes, and now he is reluctant to believe again, especially in a wolf. After all, wolves prey on his kind. How could he possibly entrust his heart to one?
As they struggle through misunderstandings and try to build a relationships, a third member joins their little family—a mysterious swan egg abandoned in front of their door. Will it strengthen Shiloh’s bond with Liam or will it separate them forever?

Published by Siren Bookstrand
Date of publication: 5.12.2011
Word count: 40.669 words


 Stew or spouse? It is the dilemma werewolf Soren fights upon taking squirrel-shifter Daniel as his mate. His duty as an Alpha forces him to keep his mate a secret, while his heart and his beast demand to claim Daniel.

Daniel has always feared getting too close to others, since a lethal disease branded him as an outcast for his kind. He dares to make an exception for Soren, despite Soren’s difficult situation. Surpassing his feelings of inadequacy is a challenge, even if he knows Soren would never betray their bond.

But just as Daniel starts to make new friends within the pack, there are other forces at work that do not agree to the two men’s mating.  A vicious attack on Soren’s loved ones is pinned on Daniel and all loyalties begin to be questioned. How long will Daniel be allowed to keep his role as Soren’s spouse? 

Published by Siren Bookstrand
Date of publication: 26.12.2011
Word count: 39.194 words


Heartthrob or hot wings? For lynx-shifter Garth Mckenna, hummingbird Nicolas is both. Without a doubt, Nicolas couldn’t be hotter if he tried. He is Garth’s sun, his love, and his unexpected mate.

Between such different men, finding a middle ground is never easy. When Garth’s two sons reject Nicolas, Garth is torn between his boys and his mate. He does not know what to do and what to believe.

Nicolas doesn’t remember his past, and he has kept what little he does know a secret from his new friends. Garth brings love to his life, and he is hurt when Garth’s sons refuse his affection.

However, sometimes, the sun is too scorching even for its children. Nicolas’s mysterious past emerges to threaten his loved ones and it might eclipse all his hopes for the future. It is up to Garth to save them from perpetual darkness.

Published by Siren Bookstrand
Date of publication: 2.01.2012
Word count: 42.473 words

Sushi or soul mate? What a ridiculous question. There is no doubt in shark-shifter Byron’s mind that what he feels for seahorse Skylar is genuine. But Byron is well aware of the difference between them. He is a monster, and that puts sweet-natured Skylar out of his reach. In his fear of hurting Skylar, he pushes the seahorse away. But when Skylar is attacked, Byron knows he cannot stay away from Skylar anymore.
Skylar has always been searching for his soul mate, that special person he would share his life and innocence with. When he meets Byron, he instantly feels the bond between them. In Byron’s power and forcefulness, he finds an anchor. But even as they attempt to build a life together, there are still many challenges ahead. When Skylar unexpectedly becomes pregnant, Byron will have to learn to deal with fatherhood and protect his new family from an unexpected threat.

Published by Siren Bookstrand
Date of publication: 16.01.2012
Word count: 37.502 words

Angel or appetizer? The question never crossed Clark’s mind. Growing up, Angel was only his adopted little brother, a sibling he’d have done anything to protect. But twenty years seemed to have passed in the blink of an eye, and now Angel is a beautiful young man, and one Clark’s lion feels is his mate.

Angel doesn’t know when his brotherly affection for Clark turned into more, but he is well aware he can never let Clark know. The mere idea of Clark rejecting him, hating him, terrifies him. But as they begin new lives at the United Paranormal Academy, hiding their love from each other becomes even harder. When Angel is put in charge of an incubus student, the new arrival’s flirtation awakens Clark’s jealousy. And while Angel and Clark struggle with their emotions, a murder shakes the academy and is pinned on Clark. Can their love prevail?

Published by Siren Bookstrand
Date of publication: 11.02.2012
Word count: 38.708 words

Darling or dinner? For incubus Alexis, shark-shifter Morgan is both, and so much more. But when Alexis is severely disfigured, Morgan also becomes a dream beyond his reach. After all, Alexis is a sex demon. The only thing he has to offer is his beauty, and with that gone, so is Morgan’s incentive to stay by his side.

Morgan knows how hard it was for Alexis to surpass the trauma of his scarring. His love for Alexis goes beyond appearances. Torn between his natural instinct to claim his mate and the desire to protect fragile Alexis, he refuses to leave the incubus.

But there are still those who don’t agree with the coupling between a shifter and a magical creature and Alexis still has many secrets to reveal. Can Morgan convince Alexis of his own worth or will they be parted by their own fears and the machinations of others?

Published by Siren Bookstrand
Date of publication: 10.03.2012
Word count: 37.834 words

Best friend or beloved? All his life, seahorse Layton believed he loved lynx shifter Corbin. But when his body and heart reach out to Corbin's brother, Preston, instead, he is left in absolute confusion, humiliated and afraid of his own emotions.

For years, Preston has known Layton is his mate. The only thing more painful than his mate choosing his brother over him is the knowledge of Layton's pain at Corbin's rejection. But then, his friendship with Layton suddenly becomes more. The knowledge that it could still be a one-time thing hurts more than Layton's platonic affection ever did.

When, as a result of their passionate encounter, Layton becomes pregnant, erratic emotions explode. What will happen when the reason behind Layton's confusion is revealed? Can Preston and Layton overcome the threat on their hearts, lives, and families?

Published by Siren Bookstrand
Date of publication: 14.04.2012
Word count: 42.091 words

Ally or admirer? When lynx shifter Corbin Mckenna falls for Sidhe prince Winter Tomacelli, he doesn't expect being forced into a political marriage. What is more important—the happiness of two men in love, or the safety of two peoples?

Years ago, Winter lost his parents to an assassination, and he knows that now, the duty to protect the Sidhe falls on his shoulders. Secretly, he is happy when a wedding with Corbin Mckenna is suggested as a solution to improve diplomatic relations between shifters and Sidhe. With one kiss, Corbin is capable of turning his entire body into flame and sweeping him off his feet. But Winter fears what a bond with him will entail for Corbin. He fears losing Corbin, like he lost his parents.

To survive, their love will have to fight their duty, and an unexpected outside threat that could kill Winter. What will their future bring?

Published by Siren Bookstrand
Date of publication: 28.04.2012
Word count: 37.091 words

Wolf or ram? Incubus or Sidhe? Isaac and Chantay have always faced the prejudice behind these questions. Their lives are continuous battles. But one fateful meeting changes the course of their destinies forever.

Isaac Wade has many people who love him. Even so, he knows none of them grasp the pain of being torn between two conflicting natures. He starts to believe that no one ever will, but he is proven wrong when his path crosses that of Chantay Arceneau.

For Chantay, meeting Isaac is a surprise, one he doesn't know how to deal with. All his life, he has struggled to suppress his incubus instincts, and the sexual chemistry between him and Isaac threatens to shatter those walls.

Just as unexpected circumstances cause Isaac and Chantay to mate, new enemies emerge, threatening their budding relationship. Can love defeat the prejudice and hatred trying to pry the couple apart?

Published by Siren Bookstrand
Date of publication: 26.05.2012
Word count: 43.164 words

Mate or mistake? Twenty years back, werewolf Anson lost his first love to another man. Now, he realizes his true mate is actually his ex’s son, swan-shifter Reed. He knows that no one would ever believe his feelings for Reed are real. Wishing to protect Reed from the inevitable fallout, Anson restrains himself from claiming the swan.

Reed is disheartened by his mate’s refusal, his spirit and self-confidence destroyed by his fears. He knows Anson no longer loves Reed’s father, but the rejection hurts him deeply.

Anson’s injury in a previous expedition makes both men realize life is too short for doubts. They surrender to their desires, but Reed’s family doesn’t trust their unexpected bond. And then, a new interfering factor appears, the werewolf’s son, one Anson didn’t even know existed. When the boy’s mother insists Anson is really her mate, can the couple survive the challenges thrown their way?

Published by Siren Bookstrand
Date of publication: 23.06.2012
Word count: 39.012 words

Claim or cower? Tainted by his mother’s machinations, Paris Marrow blames himself for her actions and seeks redemption. The only one who believes in him is his mate, Jace Wade. However, Jace is all too aware of Paris’s emotional vulnerability and is reluctant to force Paris into a connection he might not be ready for. At the same time, Paris feels unworthy of the other wolf’s affection, the mistreatment and loneliness of his childhood overcoming his sense of self-respect.

Even as the two wolves bond, their future remains threatened by their past. Paris and Jace embark on a quest to find Paris’s mother and her warlock ally. But the warlock’s plan is far more sinister than any of them expected. Paris will have to face his own fears, and fight for his soul mate. Can he find the necessary strength? Can Jace’s love wipe away the doubts and pain in Paris’s soul?

Published by Siren Bookstrand
Date of publication: 28.07.2012
Word count: 40.306 words

Blood slave or bonded? It is a question that has hounded vampire Kaname Yamamoto since he first saw werewolf Derek Wade. In all his years as an elder, he’s never experienced such a powerful pull toward anyone. But is their connection just lust, or something more?

Derek’s duty as an Alpha’s son binds him, keeping him from exploring his feelings for Kaname. But he cannot resist his desires, and as he returns into Kaname’s embrace, he realizes he doesn’t even want to. For the first time in his life, he opens his heart and trusts someone with his innermost vulnerabilities.

Even as the two struggle to balance a relationship in a world that still frowns on vampire-shifter cooperation, the tentative alliance between the species is shattered by an unexpected attack. Old wounds are stirred, and Derek’s relationship with Kaname is threatened. Can their bond withstand the weight of divided loyalties?

Published by Siren Bookstrand
Date of publication: 1.09.2012
Word count: 35.823 words

Disgrace or devotion? Plagued by the choices in his past, warlock Noah Hall cannot allow himself to claim Rhys Whitaker, the man—the incubus—he loves. He sees himself as a killer, having played a significant part in his own father’s death. Torn between shame, reason, and desire, Noah lingers in a platonic friendship that hurts them both, but that neither of them is willing to abandon.

Rhys has loved and desired Noah since the very moment he met the warlock. He knows that Noah is his other half, but when the other man rejects him, Rhys can do nothing else but respect Noah’s wishes.

When Noah’s dark secret comes out, Rhys is crushed. In the midst of a conflict between races, their fragile relationship threatens to be overcome. Can Noah let go of his doubts and protect his mate? Can Rhys heal Noah’s wounds in time to save them both?